7 Signs You’re on the Brink of a Major Life Change

Do you ever feel like your life has been stuck on the same path on monotony for far too long? Owing to the busy schedule that has been prescribed to us by the responsibilities bestowed upon us by our societies we all tend to feel stuck in a rut time to time, unable to escape. You might feel not only imprisoned by your circumstances but disoriented from the lack of direction you have towards achieving your life goals. All these markers are indications that you are working your way up to some life changing alterations.

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Maybe it is the current relatively unstable state of your mind or you are just undecided about what you want from your life and that is affecting the health of your relationships. Going through significant changes from within makes you unrecognizable to friends that were previously well acquainted with your behavior making your relationships feel less fulfilling than before.

Psychological studies suggest that changing as a person also leads to the evolution of your needs which means that you might feel out of place in your older social circle as they no longer fill your needs.

You don’t need to worry as the loss of older friendships only signifies the possibility of newer relationships better accustomed to your needs.


You are discontent with your current situation. You have been looking for outlets of change in an attempt to improve your life and lead you to happiness. You are tired of letting the negativity and frustrations that you surround yourself with seep into your life and destroy your peace any longer.
The mundanity of the daily life makes your spirit feel imprisoned and you want to break free of the chains of your current habits and focus on thriving rather than merely surviving.


You’re begging the universe to speak to you, and every time the clock strikes 11:11 or you find a four leaved clover, you convince yourself that the universe is slowly nudging you towards the path of inevitable change.


Major life changes are often accompanied by significant changes in daily habits one of which includes your regular sleeping pattern. Changes in sleeping habits are brought upon by change whether deliberated or unconscious as per the changing requirements of your body.

You might feel like you are bursting with energy owing to the exciting new changes ahead and require sleep less often or you might feel drained as all your energy is seeping into changing your life drastically but for the better so you might need more sleep than usual.


While your current living arrangements undoubtedly brought you great happiness at a time the same just isn’t the case anymore. While you keep replicating instances that were previously a definite source of pleasure for you, you lack the feeling of emotional fulfillment that one needs to be truly happy.
Your current emotional state is no cause for alarm rather it is a further indication of the fact that you have outgrown the preceding phase of your life and the only way towards happiness is forward.


Moving forward means successfully closing chapters of your past and this might mean that you keep revisiting not just old mistakes but also previously unfinished business. Visiting the mistakes of your past makes you more suited to making better decisions in the future and lowers the risk of repeating old grievances while making an effort to look into previously unresolved issues means that you can jump into your new life with less emotional baggage making your living arrangement happier and healthier.

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Significant changes in your life may lead you to feel less in control of your life and thus more unhinged emotionally. You might find yourself facing an array of different emotions, all at varying degrees of intensity, threatening to overthrow your control.

While this change might be both taxing and inconvenient, instead of becoming fazed by the sudden shift in your emotional gradient, try to battle each emotion head on by making an effort to observe the underlying causes of each emotion and dealing with it likewise.