10 Most Amazing Pieces of Architecture That You Need On Your Bucket List

While everyone is productively indulged in their own lives, busy trying to settle their careers out there in the world, might get tired. Every individual needs to be in this alone space where they will just sit in a quiet place and do nothing. We do need to have a vacation with our family or friends in hidden quiet place where nobody exists and good piece of art may help to release your stress and tiredness.

Here, we have discovered ten most delightful concealed pieces of architecture that may serve as an eye candy to you. You struggle to scroll down without having a look in these amazing hidden places around the world.


The Edgeland Residence is situated on a re-established brownfield site. The house is designed in a deluxe capacity that contains all the facilities for a contented life. It is rooted 6.5 feet inside and cannot be seen standing on the ground. It seems more like an enigmatic abode for someone specific, but a very luxurious one since it also has a swimming pool.


This house is located 44 feet from the shoreline and offers a continuous and picturesque waterfront view. It is roused by the irregular rocky area that makes the house perfectly blend in with the scenery. The green moss, on the roof of it, makes it unique and unusual and cannot be differentiated from the landscape, as seen in the bird’s eye view.


These small villas are built on top of a shopping mall in China. In a thickly populated city, people of Hunan came up with the unique idea of real estate. The architect has saved an enormous square of land. These houses are well hidden and designed in a way that some people may not notice that they exist.


This rock house, built inside a cave, is full three-bedroom house with all the necessary facilities. A happily married couple fantasized to live in a calm environment, and so they built this cozy house in 1986. Along with a sense of community, the residence also gives you the feeling of endless feeling and the large panoramas. It is like you’re living in Stone Age.


Villa Vals is a house that is built underground. The designers Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Müller finished it in 2009. Their adamant plans fit well in the roomy, mechanical architecture of the estate. Without disturbing the beauty of nature, the designers produced this exceptional piece of art under the restriction of the authorities. To experience the scenic view of the inversely situated valley, the house is marginally inclined.


The residence is a hidden house that is located at the edge of the cliff. The cliff house summons a level of daintiness in spite of its solid shell. It is constructed on two levels, which makes it even more attractive. The architects have demonstrated this beautiful building in a perfect location and produced a fantastic result. This house gives you a wonderful view of the sea, which adds up to the beauty of this place.


This unusual home sited in Norway is a seamless area for hunting. This beautiful picnic spot is built near the lake in the mountains. The creators to complement the landscape and let’s be fair, the architects did an extraordinary work with the limitations incorporate this distinctive design. The land is unique with the surroundings, and this directs the cottage’s shape.


The Joshua tree house is located in the area of California, USA. This desert destination, which is an architectural classic, was finalized by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg in 1993 and took almost five years. The exterior of it covered with large concrete slabs, which appears to include the inside like the foliage of a supernatural tree. The name comes from the Joshua National Park, which is situated nearby. Roosted diagonally on the rocky hill, the spectacular villa is entrenched adroitly within its natural setting. An excellent holiday spot, this cottage gives us a landmark.


The Mirrorcube hotel is an impressive construction, which is covered with glass with the outer side and imitates the surroundings of it. This energizing den among the trees has a base of the aluminium outline around the trunk of the trees. It is an amazing place to be at within the forest. Just like an elite, expensive pent house, this little box contains all the luxuries that you will love to have in a holiday place. The inferred film glass walls are carefully designed to make the house nature-friendly and to facilitate the birds. One should give this a spot in the “places to go” list.


This exceptionally astounding creation looks like the architect wanted to cut a piece of cake. This Penthouse, which is sited in Lebanon, will give you some serious life goals. The fanatic idea of it was taken as a joke, but several investors took an interest in it. Nevertheless, the venture still holds hope in spite of the massive footing, with apparently inconceivable components like a cliff top, glass-bottomed swimming pool. However, the design tends to be must for the bucket list.