16 Bits of Advice You Would Give to Your Younger Self

You are 30+ now, growing older day by day. You have tons of responsibilities. You only sleep for 3-4 hours in a day. You work day and night just to live from hand to mouth. You can barely spend time with your children. You are stressed out. In the competition of life, you came first somewhere and somewhere; you didn’t. Now you are full of regrets. Your parents are no more with you. You have no dreams or desires to fulfill. You do not feel the same. You feel lonely and less of life.

Remember the times when you were young, beautiful and an enchanted human being. You were free of responsibilities. You were healthy and energetic. You could do everything. You had time to spend with your friends. You could sleep. You had some goals to achieve. You had many dreams about your future. You felt every emotion at its peak. You had many people who took care of you. You didn’t have to spend your own money on your expenses. Alas! Those times are gone. They will never come back. In addition, nothing can be changed in the past.

You learned your lesson. It doesn’t matter if you learned it the easy way or the hard way. These are advices you would give to younger selves.

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Believe in yourself. If you are doing it with full dedication, you are doing a great job. Concentrate on it. Be positive about the world. Think positive about the people you have in your life. You will have haters but a few individuals who love you are enough. Don’t take too much stress about everything. Everything will be okay. Don’t be scared. Be confident. Things would be hard, but if you work hard, you can do it. Take challenges in life. Even if you fail, you won’t be at a loss. You will learn something from them.

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Do not smoke. For it makes you weak and causes cancer. You don’t want to die in your 40s or 50s. Even if you think about it, look at the pack of cigarettes, the packet says itself that smoking kills. You don’t want your daughter’s college fees to be used for your health expenses.

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Prefer your sleep over everything including studies. Manage to sleep for at least 7 hours in a day. According to scientific research, sleeping for at least 6 to 7 hours is mandatory for a healthy body it keeps you fresh. Even if you can’t sleep for 7 hours straight at night, try to sleep for an hour or two in the afternoon as well.


Don’t ignore your studies. They are making you a better person. Study as much as you can and with full dedication. Do everything on time. Learn foreign languages. Don’t forget that your education describes you. Develop a passion in yourself for learning.

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Focus on your desires, dreams, and goals. You need to try to achieve your goals. Nothing is impossible in this world, and even impossible says i-m-possible. Don’t be ashamed of what you like. Those are your goals, not anybody else’. So just ignore what anybody thinks about your goals. Defend your goals with logical reasons. Be passionate about your goals.


Work hard for the entrance exam. Don’t lose hope. Get into your desired college, not where you can conveniently go. Choose your favorite courses. You know that you can study those courses with more interest than the courses you don’t like.

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Don’t spend your money on stupid things. Save it. Maybe you’ll need it in the future. Don’t be selfish. Maybe, somebody you love needs it in the future. If you save it, you can help them. You can secure your future by saving money.


You are young. Live every moment of your life at its peak. For this time will never come back in your life. Go out with friends. Take some pictures. Make some memories. Those memories will stay with you forever. 20 years later, when you would be sitting in your rocking chair, you will think about all those moments you spent with your friends. Take some lessons from life, so that you could teach your children about life in a better way.


Don’t take too much stress about your grades. It does not matter to take a gold medal. Your degree is important but building your character is equally important. Take some time out for co-curricular activities. For they teach you the spirit of leadership, managing time. They make you healthy. They learn life lessons. If some idea inspires you, then feel free to act on it. In old age, when you won’t have anything to do, you surely won’t think about the grades you got or the nights you spent to get grades.


Cover yourself in all seasons, properly. You can face many health issues because of this in old age. Don’t do any experiments with your health.


Your parents are more experienced about life than you are. Obey your parents. They are your well-wishers, not your enemies. Show your parents that you love them. You don’t know how much time you have with them, for they are old and you are young.


Everybody, including your family members, has their point of view about life. Don’t take comments too seriously. They are your family members, not strangers. They have their own opinion. Even if they are wrong, just listen to them and let it go. Moreover, other people, they are not your well-wishers. It’s easy to talk and that what they are doing. However, remember one thing, they can only talk. In addition, they are not angels or God; their words don’t matter. There is a very famous saying, “Barking dog seldom bites.” So, ignore them.

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You are not a kid anymore. You are a grown up now. You should have some privacy. You don’t need to tell everything to everybody. Try keeping things to yourself. Secure your laptop, PC and mobile phone from the reach of others. Don’t let anybody get into your privacy.

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You think your current boyfriend or girlfriend would marry you in the future. You are wrong. So, leave him or her and move on. Focus on your own life, instead of a simple relationship. Relationships in this age are lust. Fall in love. Get married. Don’t date somebody to pass your time. Such links will leave permanent marks in your as well as the other person’s life.


Face your problems. Don’t run from them. If you keep on running from them, they run after you. Don’t be a coward. If you caused a problem, accept what do it and fix it. Everybody will blame you. Nobody will listen to your excuses. So, don’t waste your time in making excuses.

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Look at yourself in the mirror. You are young, beautiful, free of responsibilities. It’s your life. So, live it in your own way. Don’t listen to others. It’s easy to talk but hard to do. And nobody knows what you are going through. So, do whatever you like, in this way, you won’t have any regrets in life afterward.