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People Are Freaking Out Because Pennywise Keeps Showing Up At ‘IT’ Screenings

The remake of Stephen King’s classic clown thriller IT is now in theaters, and a group of people are showing up in theaters dressed up as Pennywise, the killer clown from the popular movie, and it’s basically making everyone else lose their minds. To the credit of these Pennywise cosplayers, at least they’re doing it before the movie (for the most part) and not waiting in the parking lot afterwards because that would be even more terrifying to the people that think this is scary. A lot of people just think it’s funny, too.

image via @HG_Hohbes/twitter

Have you watched the original IT recently? It terrified a whole generation, but in hindsight it doesn’t necessarily hold up – but now the remake is here to scare a whole new generation of horror fans. The thing with really influential movies and games and any art, for that matter, is that when you revisit it, it might not seem as special, because you’ve seen so many things that came afterwards and were strongly influenced by it. A good example of this is the game Bioshock. It was hugely influential, and many games that followed it borrowed bits and pieces from it, so for somebody who went back and played it for the first time more recently, they might not see what all the fuss is about, since they’ve played so many other games that drew from the best parts of what made Bioshock so special. The horror movie genre has come a long way since the 80’s and 90’s, so that’s why the original IT might not hold up as well in terms of being scary, and it’s also probabally why we see a lot of horror movies getting re-made or revisited in different ways. There’s all these classic franchises, and all they need is a fresh coat of paint to make them scary to today’s generation of movie-goers.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ve got these people dressing up as Pennywise and showing up to movie theaters all over. Like this guy, for example, who was the first one in the theater, just sitting there dressed up in his Pennywise clown costume holding the iconic red balloon. Could you imagine walking into the theater and seeing that? Even if you aren’t familiar with the original IT, you’ve probabally seen the red balloon imagery already.

image: it

It’s up for debate whether the original Pennywise, played by Tim Curry, or the new one, played by Bill Skarsgård, is the scarier looking version of the clown. Regardless of which Pennywise is creepier looking, seeing either one sitting alone as you arrive in an empty theater is going to leave you feeling at least a little bit squirmish.

This has been happening all over the place during the initial screenings of the movie. Over the years, IT has built up a big cult following, so it shouldn’t come as any big surprise that people are going to want to get into character before the movie, but it’s still pretty surprising when you lock eyes with Pennywise out of nowhere.

Some of the clowns are just sitting there minding their own business, or walking around, but this next one is just a savage. This clown decided to wait until the movie was halfway done and THEN walked into the theater. Imagine that. You’re watching this movie, you’re terrified, things are right in full swing, and then in walks none other than Pennywise himself. You can bet that at least a few of those movie theater seats had to be hosed down afterwards.

Stephen King’s IT novel, which the original movie was based off of, came out in 1986. The original movie was released in 1990. It played a big role when it comes to people being scared of clowns, and now a whole new generation of kids are going to be scared to shower at the gym or really careful to make sure that their paper boats don’t fall into the sewer.

This isn’t it for the IT franchise, there’s already talks about a second part. The first movie was technically a miniseries, and here’s what the director of the new IT had to say about a follow-up: “We’ll probably have a script for the second part in January. Ideally, we would start prep in March. Part one is only about the kids. Part two is about these characters 30 years later as adults, with flashbacks to 1989 when they were kids.”

It will be interesting to see how far they carry this franchise into the future with further sequels, spin-offs, maybe even crossovers with another horror franchise? Pennywise Vs Leprechaun in Space, anybody? Unlikely, certain horror cliches are better kept in the past.

What would you do if you walked into a theater early to get the best seats, thinking you’d be all alone, and you came face to face with Pennywise in the back row? Would  you be comfortable sitting down with your back turned to him, or would you try to play it cool and act like you forgot to buy some snacks and leave the theater until more people showed up?

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Heroic Reporter Saves Flood Victim’s Life On Live Television

As Texas battles the raging Hurricane Harvey, the country is coming together to offer their support and help. Disasters like this are terrible, they put lives in danger, they destroy family homes and memories, and it can take years until things are back to normal, and for those who lose their lives or lose loved ones, things never really go back to normal.

If there’s any silver lining at all, it’s the human spirit coming together, especially in such divisive times in our world. There are a few small groups on Twitter who are cheering on the Hurricane and saying people in Texas deserve this to happen to them, including a Professor from Florida who said “I don’t believe in instant Karma but this kinda feels like it for Texas,” but other than some cruel outliers, the outpouring of support has been massive. “It’s historic, its epic, but I tell you it happened in Texas and Texas can handle anything,” said the President during a speech in Texas.

There are all sorts of stories of people making their way to Texas in order to help out in any way they can. UFC Heavyweight Derrick Lewis was driving around in his huge truck helping anyone he could, for example.

A post shared by Derrick Lewis (@thebeastufc) on

There’s something about the worst things happening that really brings out the best in people, and puts all of the pettiness of our world in perspective. It really reminds you that not all heroes wear capes. For instance, a local news anchor named Brandi Smith was reporting in the field to let people know what was going on, which is already a bold move and really helpful in a time like this, when she noticed a semi truck that was stuck below and jumped into action.

image: KHOU11

As the Category 4 storm wreacked havoc in the streets of Houston, Brandi and her crew from KHOU were right in the thick of it. The cameraman working with her noticed a semi truck that was stuck below where they were filming, surrounded by the rising waters and unable to move his truck. Brandi quickly noticed that there seemed to be somebody inside of the truck, and started offering advice and guidance to the driver, all while being broadcast live on TV:

“The lights are going on this truck and the windshield wipers are going and as we get a little closer, it does look like there is someone inside… There is movement inside of this truck.

‘Sir, are you OK? Can you get to the top of your vehicle? Can you get to the top of your truck? Do not climb into the water.”

In what can only be described as perfect timing, a truck drove by moments after, towing a boat. Brandi and photographer Mario Sandoval were able to flag down the truck and to let them know that there was a man trapped in the semi-truck, unable to free himself and nowhere for him to go as the truck was completely surrounded by rising storm waters.

It’s really worth pointing out that this was a team effort. The KHOU studios were flooded out and her colleagues had evacuated the building. Brandi continued to report on the storm, the photographer with her, Mario, noticed the truck, they noticed somebody was inside, they managed to flag down rescuers who were the ones that actually made the heroic rescue. Since Brandi was the one on TV holding the microphone with the camera pointed at her, she become the face of the rescue, but everyone involved deserves a lot of credit for their parts in saving this man’s life. Without the teamwork and the perfect timing, this wouldn’t have been possible. If any one of those people didn’t step up to the moment, that truck driver could very well have lost his life inside the cab of his semi. Brandi was quick to point out that there’s credit due across the board here:

It’s been reported that the live feed died while the rescue was underway, which left people wondering what happened to the semi truck driver who has been identified as a man named Robert, and Brandi Smith made sure to report that Robert was save, and what his plans were moving forward. Here’s her statement on the whole thing, along with a video showing more footage that was cut from the airwaves:

“As many of you know, KHOU 11 News was evacuated due to flooding. That meant my photographer Mario and I were the only ones left on air for … well … I don’t even know how long.

The #KHOU11 signal cut out just as Harris County Sheriff’s Office crews got their rescue boat in the water to pull a semi driver out of his flooded cab. I’ve had SO many people asking if he made it out OK and I wanted to share the video. (We kept going and rolling until the camera’s battery died, not knowing we’d been knocked off the air.) They pull him out around the 4:40 mark. THANK GOD for that crew.”

There’s also some sad news to report, the passing Sergeant Steve Perez, who lost his life after his vehicle was overcome by the high waters. We’re sending our strongest condolences to his family, friends, and other officers who are putting their lives at risk in the line of duty, not to mention the countless volunteers doing the same.

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Here’s Everything We Know About The Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars Movie

Obi-Wan is finally getting some serious respect, as Lucasfilm and Disney are working on putting out a new Star Wars movie centered around this Jedi Master. By now, that’s probabally not news to you, so we’ve put together a collection of everything that’s known about this upcoming film to date, along with some speculation.


What We Know About Star Wars: Obi-Wan

The Obi-Wan standalone Star Wars movie was just announced, and people are getting really excited for it, and for good reason.

So far, the director Stephan Daldry is in talks with Disney about taking the helm of this movie. He has directed The Hours, Billy Elliot, and a number of other slightly less recognizable things. He’s also set to direct Wicked, a film adaptation of the popular Broadway musical based on the Wizard of Oz, in 2019. Will they be filming the Obi-Wan Star Wars before that? It’s unclear at the moment, since there isn’t even a script for it yet.

Daldry is Oscar-nominated, so he’s bringing some serious chops to this movie if it ends up moving forward with him. He would be overseeing the development and writing along with some higher-ups at Lucasfilm, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Stephen Daldry (image: wikipedia)

This isn’t the only Star Wars movie in some stage of the development process that strays from the current main series. There’s a Han Solo movie that’s just about done shooting, with Ron Howard directing it.

To take things even further, there are talks of doing another one based on Yoda, and even a Boba Fett standalone film. Disney is using their Marvel-style of doing the group films along with the side-stories that have a stronger emphasis on one main character, and it means they’ve unlocked a whole treasure trove of Star Wars lore to explore in upcoming movies for decades to come.

Ewan McGregor has also supposedly expressed an interest in reprising his role, this time as an older Ben Kenobi, however there isn’t even a script yet so it’s too early to know much of anything.

Here’s some speculation and theories from what we might see in this upcoming Obi-Wan movie:

It’s unknown where this movie will be taking place, and at what time, but it makes sense that it would be somewhere in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. There’s a gap of nearly two decades there during which it’s unclear what he was up to. This theory comes via Den of Geek. They also suggested that it’s possible that Lucasfilm and Disney could do a movie all about a much younger Obi-Wan, or one that takes place during The Clone Wars.


Most people, we’re guessing, would much rather see a standalone Obi-Wan movie that takes place during Kenobi’s time on Tatooine. If we do hear anything about McGregor being confirmed to star in this movie, then we’ll have a pretty good idea when it will be taking place. However, if he doesn’t have a starring role, it’s still possible that he could appear for a flash-forward-in-time type of scene.

Since there’s basically nothing to go on yet, since the script hasn’t been penned and we can only speculate as to what early ideas are in the heads of the people working on this, or what exactly was pitched at the private closed-doors meetings, it’s hard to say exactly what the plot will revolve around, but it’s also possible to take some guesses just based on knowing the character.

image credit:

If the movie ends up taking place on Tatooine, we’ll likely see some familiar bad guys along with some new faces. If Jabba ends up being the antagonist, it’ll be interesting to see how they end up handling things, since Jabba wouldn’t be able to be killed in the movie. Any existing characters that Obi-Wan were to encounter, you’d know that if they appear in a later film, that they ended up surviving their encounters with him, and it could make things kind of strange to watch.

There’s a lot to look forward to, as these solo films with some of our favorite Star Wars characters really open up a ton of doors for interesting movies, not to mention games.

Make sure you let us know what you’re expecting to see from this movie, do you have any ideas of cameos of other characters that might show up? It seems super likely that, at the very least, we’ll see an appearance from Jabba, but beyond that – the rest is really up in the air. As soon as we learn who some of the cast are, or more details are released, we’ll be able to start putting more of  the pieces together, but even then, there are surely going to be some surprises along the way once this movie is finally released.

There isn’t a release date yet, or even a rough window, but we’ll keep you posted.