8 Rarely Known Facts About Everyday Food Products

Each one of us buys food products from different stores. To be truthful, it has become one of our necessities. In the old times, there were no food products, but in today’s world, people use the food products in large quantities. In the early days, the foods were pure, healthy and natural. The reason is that the people used the natural ways to get the food like farming, hunting, fishing, etc. Nowadays, we use processed foods, the producers produce and pack these foods in different factories and then divide them with various brand names. What I just told is another way to get in the head of a consumer.

The products related to food that we often buy as our necessity contain some ingredients we do not know about. We can find an ingredient list on the most of the products, but is that list entirely true?

We decided to discover the real ingredients used in the common household products. We use these products in our daily lives so we must know the basics about their ingredients. We also need to know how they can affect our health. We are not preventing anyone from these food products. The information we will share with you does not suggest that you need to stop using such products. However, we are trying to spread some awareness so you can control the quantity of consumption for these food products.

You need to take a serious note about these food products regarding children. We have found out some facts that will shock you. You will deem these facts unbelievable. Read below to see these facts and some advice that might come in handy.


We use ketchup in our daily lives. We use it with fries, burgers, sandwiches and all kinds of fast food. Did you ever wonder what is inside that bottle? If you thought that it’s just tomatoes, then you were wrong. Ketchup is mainly a mixture of tomato and cornstarch. The quality of a ketchup bottle depends upon the number of tomatoes used in making it. The quantity varies from 6% to 10%. Producers also add the corn syrup to the ketchup, while producing it. The corn syrup helps in the preservation of the ketchup. Moreover, it also helps in making the ketchup viscous.

Advice: If you are buying ketchup, buy one of a high quality.


The type of meat used in the making process of crab sticks is surimi. The producers mostly use cheap kinds of the fish to make the crab sticks. They clean the fillet and then try to get rid of the smell of fish. Afterward, they ground it into the mince. Other ingredients used in the process are salt, additives, food colorings, sugar, vegetable oil and soya protein.

Advice: If the crab sticks are of high quality, they will not snap when you bend a frozen one. Additionally, they wrap the crab sticks in the thicker wrapping. If you can break them easily, then do not buy them. The reason is that they are not of a high quality and they are rich in the cornstarch.


Producers often use the reconstituted potatoes to produce the potato chips instead of the fresh potatoes. The problem is that it is similar to the washing powder. At first, they add the rice/corn flour. Acrylamide, which we know as a carcinogen, gathers while thermal processing phase of the chips. You need to remember that we found some potato brands contain an excessive amount of acrylamide. Once it is more than the safety level, it is harmful to your health.

Advice: The potato chips prepared using the fresh potatoes have more oil than the other ones. The reason is that the maker fries the potatoes. Whereas, when the producers are making the potato chips from the reconstituted potatoes, they usually bake the potatoes.


Most of us use cereals in the breakfast. We assume it a healthy breakfast. We conceive it easy and convenient for the breakfast, which is why we use it. We also give cereals to our children in the breakfast. However, is everything we know about the cereals true? Is the ingredient list true enough? Let us find out. As I mentioned above, not all the ingredients lists are accurate. Some of the cereal brands have palm oil present in them while they do not mention it on the ingredients list. Apart from that, many brands also add the corn syrup in their cereals. Due to this corn syrup, fructose levels of these cereals whereas they did not mention it on the box of their cereal.

Advice: The specialists suggest avoiding the cereals in breakfast on a daily basis, particularly for the children. The reason is that the cereals contain an excessive quantity of cornstarch and sugar.


Many people use the fruit yogurt without knowing the things it contains and the things it does not. Is it a healthy practice? I think that we must have a complete knowledge about any product before we use it. The reason is that it can be harmful to the health.
The amount of fruit in the fruit yogurt is only 1% to 5%. In addition to this fruit filling, the fruit yogurt also contains sugar, colorings, acidic regulars, cornstarch, and aromas. Producers also use gelatin, gum resin, sodium alginate and cornstarch as the stabilizers.

Advice: The yogurt of high quality contains the whole milk and the healthy bacteria. The buttermilk and fresh cream are acceptable elements of the yogurt.


Most of love Nutella and other chocolate spreads, don’t we? We just love it for its taste. We never even tried to know the ingredients it contains. Some producers use botanical or palm oil in the production of chocolate spread. They also include some additional ingredients such as vanilla, thickeners, aromas, and emulsifiers.

Advice: Never buy a chocolate spread with a white layer on it. The reason is that it contains less amount of cocoa and more amount of palm oil. The leading manufacturer of the chocolate spread suggests not eating more than two spoons each day.


Many of us prefer white chocolate because of its extraordinary taste. But do we love the right thing?

The chocolate must only contain coca. However, some producers dilute the chocolate with coconut oil, butter, and palm oil. They additionally use ingredients, which include aromas, emulsifiers, and additives. The most used emulsifier is the lectin.

Advice: The chocolate of high quality is brittle. It will crack or crumble when you break it.


Producers make the condensed milk by the evaporation of a liquid, which they derive from the milk. The condensed milk should be made of animal dairy fat only. Some producers reduce the quantity of milk and use some vegetables fats or thickeners as the alternative. It gives them the same level of fat and consistency.

Advice: Most conventional cans made using the same process as per mentioned above usually have this line on the back, “dairy product containing sugar.”

Advice: Share these facts with your friends and family as it can spread awareness about health. Next time, when you are thinking of buying any of these products, please make sure you consider our helpful advice.