7 Red Flag Signs That Show Your Partner Is Emotionally Cheating on You

Emotional cheating is worse than the physical cheating. Most of the people might not think the same way, but this is something real. Some people would even disagree to the existence of emotional cheating. However, it is a real thing and it is happening out there. When someone exposes the individuals involved in this moral crime, they make different kinds of excuses. But this is something of significance, and we should never overlook it.

If anyone cheats regardless of being an emotional cheater or a physical cheater, it affects us very badly. It affects in ways; the unaffected people could never imagine. It destroys our beliefs and concepts of love. Most importantly, it crushes the idea of trust. It destroys the relationship and leave us hanging in the air. Now, people would say time heals all wounds, but this is not just it. Some wounds do not go away that easy. These wounds become scars and then even before we know, we are unable to trust even the good people in our lives.

There is another important thing. The thing is that it’s hard to catch an emotional cheater. The reason is that there is no hard and fast evidence of emotional cheating. Yes, this will be hard but it is not entirely impossible. There are some signs that you will need to conceive if you have doubt that your partner is emotionally cheating on you.


For people who still do not know what emotional cheating is, it is the act of being intimate and close with someone else other than your partner in a non-sexual way. This usually happens far from the family and friends circle. It is something as real as a relationship without sexual contact and the name of the relationship. Often people hide this kind of relationships. They let these relationships develop in their lives due to many different reasons.

If your partner involves himself or herself in this sort of relationship, then you should keep your eyes open. The life can change like the roll of dice. If someone is your today, there is no guarantee that he or she will stay with you forever. A time comes in every relationship when the ship goes straight into the storm, and there is no help. Everything starts falling apart during that time and most people turn to the emotional relationships outside their circle.

To keep your eyes open and drive your relation-‘Ship’ out of the storm, you will need to keep an eye on some signs. Don’t worry we have made your life easy. We have collected those signs for you. So you can just read them out and save your relationship. The signs you need to take care of are following:

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When someone has something to hide, he or she turns on his or her defensive mode. They will act defensively. It will be loud and clear that they are trying to hide something from you. Moreover, when you ask him or her about what they are hiding, they will just fly away and vanish. This is something you need to care about, so take care of it next time.

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This problem happens to most of the relationships. If your partner is angry or upset with you all the time whether you do, something wrong or you do not, and then know that he or she is irritable. In this kind of problem, you will feel that you and your partner should take some time, space, and keep some distance to avoid the further problems. However, this is not the right approach because, in fact, he or she is irritable because of their connection with someone else. This is an important clue you will get if your partner is emotionally cheating on you.


If you are the only person who is spending the energy, efforts, and emotions in your relationship, then you need to stop wasting yourself. The reason is that the relationship is not worth it. You partner is cheating on you, not physically but emotionally. He or she invests his or her emotions and feelings with someone else while you keep investing your feelings in them. This is an ultimate loss for you.


According to science, we have five senses as human beings such as vision, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. However, some believe there is a sixth one, “The Sixth Sense.” It means the instincts and the gut feelings we often feel before or after doing something. If your insights tell you something wrong about the partner, then you need to know that it might be the emotional cheating going on with you.

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Privacy is a real thing in today’s world. It is the right of every human being on this planet. Some people believe that there should be no secrets in a relationship. Both of the partners must know each and everything about each other so they can understand one another in a better way. On the contrary, some people believe that a relationship is better off without the deepest and darkest secrets of the partners. If he or she has no problem with you touching their cell phone at all in the past, but now they protect it from you, then you need to know that there is something wrong.

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If you and your partner were happy in the past, you spent time together and both of you were on a crazy ride of love, but now the candles of love are dimming down, you need to wake yourself up. If you don’t open your eyes and see what’s going on, the relationship will be over before you know. The reason is that he or she might be emotionally cheating on you.


If you and your partner had the same social circle before and now it has ended, you need to take care of some serious things. Your partner doesn’t let you know about his new friends or the people he or she is hanging out with. They always make excuses to take out some friend’s time and leave you alone. If these things are happening, then you are living under a rock. You need to save your relationship from emotional cheating at once.

No doubt, something like this will never be easy for you to get up and take charge. Nobody wants to lose the love of their life. The best advice for you is trying to understand the whole situation and then act accordingly. An old proverb says, “Haste makes waste.” Follow this saying and know your partner, then deal with the situation with love and proper care. However, do not lose yourself much for something that is not worth it. Sometimes letting go is better than holding on!