10 Signs You Have Above Average Empathy

There are two kinds of human natures in the world; one has empathy and the other has apathy. It is just like good and bad, light and dark, pure and foul, but these empaths, who make this world a better place. They sought out ways to spread the positivity in the world no matter how tough the situation is.

These people are sensitive to even the smaller details, which the rest of the world might ignore. Although they are gifted with this sense of concern that does not mean it is always going to deliver the desired results. Sometimes, these concerns lead them to such situations, which they might not like, at the end.

Empaths have the sense of perceiving things that might not be of much value to others. They not only feel emotions only towards their selves, but they also feel concerned for other’s matters.

These people do not keep the things to them and are open about their perspective. They are ready to welcome the positivity to their way with their nature.
This nature is not always good for them as such people end up getting hurt due to their higher expectations of others. They consider everyone like them, so when the other person shows his true colors, then they get hurt, as they thought of them to be a better one.
If you wish to know how high your concerns are for others, or yourself, then the following signs will help you.


Obviously, there are two kinds of people in the world, so you cannot expect everyone to be good. That is why; in any gathering; you prefer people who have a good vibe and try to distance yourself from larger crowds. You feel less miserable with the people, who release a good energy rather than being a center of a large group.


It sounds cliché but the empaths prefer having a balance for themselves and others, rather than living an accomplished life. Their idea of a successful life is different from people with apathy, as they find it better to live a life that has everything peaceful than a life where competition and success are considered the goal of life.


People with empathy prefer a peaceful environment to come home. Living in the major cities isn’t one of their top priorities; rather they feel better when they live in a peaceful landscape. They don’t fancy busy streets, large crowds, noisy environment, etc.

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Empaths love to have positive energy around them. They try to find people, who can have a deeper connection with them, like someone, who care for them. It is hard to find good people in this materialistic world, so if you have someone who you have a deeper connection with, do not let them go!


You need a break once in a while, so, there is nothing wrong with staying alone for some time. If large crowds, busy routines, and emotions tire you down, then don’t be worried about keeping yourself from all the drama and happenings. Calming your mind must be your top priority to get back on your feet!

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It is hard to find someone, who you can be comfortable with talking about the universe and the stars. You want someone, who don’t care about what you ate for lunch or how was your day. You rather would have someone, who is willing to dive into the deepest surface for the best view of you.


Empaths don’t express themselves like others; they use art as the tool to make people understand their nature. These people are mostly the artistic type, who creates things to express them. It can be in the form of words, paintings or photos, which they must carry out as it shows their true potential and personality.


You find peace and joy in nature. You like to spend your time connecting yourself with nature, which gives you power in return. You feel calm and light walking in the greenery, and feel motivated for your life.

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Empaths prefer a balance and conflict free lives. They want everything to be peaceful and don’t wish to be part of an argument, especially when it is to someone they actually love.

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You are the person, who gets overwhelmed by the emotions of others, which leads to unhealthy results. You feel other’s emotions weighing you down, which is not good for you. Such a person is always much more sensitive to his own matters as well.