Want Smart Kids? Get a Woman with a Big Booty

2014 is the year when American’s fell in love with big booties. The time when Kim Kardashian used her booty to “break the internet, and there was Nicki Minaj sensational “Anaconda” video fire up the world. Even Vogue declared, “Big bums are cooler.” No matter many people give negative and pervasive conclusion about big booty. Luckily, big booties are healthy and make you smart. Surprised! This is what we call Science.

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Research says there is a strong relationship between large buttock size and IQ of your kid. According to research conducted in 2007 in University of Pittsburgh. The lower body fats have a positive impact on the supply of polyunsaturated fatty acid that is essential for the development and growth of the brain. This indicates that the size of hips in relation with the size of thighs predict the intelligence of women as well as their kids.


According to Dr. William D. Lassek, M.D., author of “Why Women Need Fat” told The Sunday Times during his interview “The fats present on thighs and buttock of females is the power house for building baby’s brain. It contains a chemical known as Docosahexaenoic acid DHA that is an essential element for a human brain. It’s Omega 3 fatty acid that is necessary for the development of eyes and nervous system in the first six months of baby’s life. It is also present in breast milk.

He also added it has always been a mystery to me why women have 30% more fat than the average primates and mammals have.“It seems like female’s carefully evolved together and held on these fats until the baby is delivered,” said Dr.Lassek, it is exactly similar to the pattern seen in whales living in arctic and skunks going into hibernation.

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Dr. Lasek also noted in his study that the curvy shape and unwanted fat pattern seen in the reproductive age of females is the result of the natural process that is necessary for the development of baby’s brain and is an ability to protect and support fetal.

Different studies evidenced that fat content present in mother’s breast milk also came from buttock and thighs, which indicate baby, is getting an adequate amount of fatty acid through breast-feeding. That is the main reason why nursing women losses lot of kgs just in one month.

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In another study on 1600 female with large buttock scored higher on the intelligence test and like sugar icing on the cake, their kids also scored higher on the intelligence test. The reason behind these research findings is the theory that revealed, the fat stored in the lower area of buttock and thighs have a high level of Omega 3, which is necessary for the neurodevelopment. Babies need all these fats so it all makes sense. Babies came out sharper and smarter if their mothers have a plentiful supply of this fatty acid on their butts and thighs.


Science claimed that the intelligence level of kids depends on fat reserved in the legs and butts of their mother. Hourglass and pear shaped women tend to have more omega three fatty acids as compare apple shaped females. Not only research but men also prefer curvier women. Why do you think Kim Kardashian is such a hot item?

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A study conducted by the University of Cambridge by David Baindridge, a reproductive biologist, revealed that men desire curvier women because curves are good for women health. Another research revealed that curvier women trigger a part in man brain that is connected with drug and alcohol addiction.

In another study, 14 men were shown the picture of seven naked breeches before and after buttock surgery to check their response toward these pictures. Results revealed that men responded positively toward shapely hips.


The theory behind why people love pear shaped women. Men have biological urge to produce intelligent kids, so they act libidinously toward hourglass shaped females unconsciously.

Another discovery regarding bigger butts was made at the University of Oxford revealed that female with fat on butt inhibits chronic illness. ABC News reported, female with bigger booty is likely to produce a hormone that metabolizes sugar and have lower cholesterol level. This evidenced that women with big buttock are less liable to have heart and diabetes problem.

“Women with more fat on thighs and buttock have a lower level of glucose and cholesterol,” said Dr. Konstantinos, Manolopoulo head of research team at the University of Cambridge. Bigger butts also increase the level of Dinopectina, a hormone with anti-diabetic, vascular protective and anti-inflammatory attributes and Leptin, a hormone that is responsible for controlling and regulating weight. The adipose tissue present on butt confines fatty particles that are harmful and inhibits heart diseases.


The journal of Obesity stated the fat on lower body plays the protective role and these protective attributes have been confirmed in many different types of research related to comorbidities, BMI, and age. Females have larger hips than men do. It stores glute-femoral fat; it plays a protective role in the body as it enhances metabolism by the reduction of LDL commonly known as bad cholesterol. This also raises HDL cholesterol, which is commonly known as good cholesterol. This causes the improvement in insulin sensitivity and reduces blood sugar level. Research has found that female with big thighs has low risk of pre mature death. Therefore, it is evidenced that women can live longer as compared to men all by the blessing of their big booties.

Another published research evidenced regardless of body mass index (BMI) male and female whose fat are distributed in the lower part of the body are less likely to die due to cardiovascular disease. It is better to have pear shaped body rather than apple shaped as it will make you smarter and healthier. There are more chances of having obesity related problem among people with fats on the belly as compared to those with fats reserved on lower bottom.


Booties have been trending in many different ways such as a species of horse fly was named Scaptia beyonceae, after the famous singer Beyonce because of its golden butt in 2012. The horse fly was also described as the “all time diva of flies.” According to US report in 2013 around 10,000 butt argumentations were performed. As reported by American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that around 9,993 cases of butt implantation with fat grafting a 16% increase from 2012 and this situation is very alarming.

According to a survey of 3,000 women by men’s health resulted in that out of all body parts, women preferred to be complimented on their butt. So, no need to be worried about being curvy because curvy is healthy. Your big booty makes your appearance eye catching and makes you look dazzling.

Therefore, girls just grab a measuring tape and check your intelligence just by dividing your size of waist with your hip size the smaller your answer, the smarter you are.