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Lyanna Stark’s tomb might hold the key to proving Jon Snow’s Parentage

Game of Thrones season 8 has already premiered and hype levels are at an all time high.

After delivering two emotion-packed episodes, the upcoming episode promises to feature the fabled “Battle of Winterfell” which is basically going to be a battle of the living against the forces of Death led by ancient beings called the White Walkers.

There are a lot of fan theories about how the battle will pan out and who will come out victorious but there seems to be a consensus about one particular thing – that there is going to be deaths of some of the fan favourite characters.

However, one interesting fan theory seems to reveal how Lyanna Stark’s tomb might hold the key to proving Jon Snow’s parentage.

Before you even think of reading any further, let me warn you there are some HUGE spoilers ahead and even if you have watched the show, it might still take you by surprise.

Unless you want things spoiled or are already very aware of it all, having read the books as well, I will recommend you skip reading further till you watch episode 3 of the ongoing season.

Lyanna Stark is the sister of Ned Stark and was secretly married to Rhaegar Targarian. Jon Snow, unlike what everyone thought, is not the bastard of Ned Stark but in fact the love child of Lyanna and Rhaegar.

His name was recently revealed to be Aegon Targarian. However, this information was revealed by very sketchy means of his brother Bran experiencing visions showing the events leading up to his birth and Samwell Tarly chancing upon some records at the Citadel which chronicles the marriage of Rhaegar and Lyanna.

Now, it will be extremely difficult to prove that Jon Snow is indeed Aegon Targarian to the others considering Bran is his brother and Sam is his best friend. Here’s where Lyanna’s tomb comes into the picture.

A theory on Reddit suggests that Lyanna’s tomb contains a Harp belonging to Rhaegar Targarian and Daenerys will discover it in the next episode.

A series of events will lead Daenerys to the crypts of Winterfell where she will find Lyanna’s tomb and inside of which she will find her brother’s Harp, proving beyond any doubt that Jon Snow is indeed the legitimate son of Rhaegar which automatically gives him the first right to claim the Iron Throne and become the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

This discovery will potentially start a conflict between the cousins cum incestous lovers with Daenerys feeling her claim to the throne is under threat.

“Will you make a song for him?” the woman asked.

“He has a song,” the man replied. “He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire.”
— ACOK, Daenerys IV

Read this post at a fan forum to delve further into this theory and why the harp is so important in all scheme of things to come.

How she will take this discovery is anyone’s guess but we personally can’t wait for the next episode to start to find out if this theory indeed proves out to be true and what kind of implications it might have.

If Lyanna’s tomb indeed contain Rhaegar’s Harp, it will prove to be vital evidence for proving Jon’s true parentage to others and Jon might finally accept the fact that he was destined to rule.

Would this result in a lover’s tiff between Daenerys and Aegon a.k.a Jon? Only time will tell, but considering how volatile the mother of dragons has proven to be in recent episodes, she might want Jon’s head to resolve her differences.