Woman Who ‘Accidentally Destroyed’ 40 Million Dollar Lotto Ticket Has Died

The woman who became known as Lotto Gran has tragically passed away inside of her home after going into cardiac arrest. She is known for her story involving an incident with a lottery ticket which went viral, but left her feeling suicidal from all of the negative attention she had been getting.

Her death isn’t being treated as suspicious by authorities. The family said they don’t know what happened yet, and are still awaiting more information from the coroner to understand what happened and what caused this cardiac arrest.

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West Midlands Ambulance Service offered more information about the details of what happened: 

“We can confirm that it was called to reports of a woman in cardiac arrest at a property in Borrowdale Drive, Worcester, at 5.35pm yesterday.”

Susanne Hinte, a grandmother from Worcester, originally made headlines after she made the claim that she had accidentally put a £33 million (About $42,000,000 USD) winning lottery ticket through the washing machine, destroying the ticket by making the numbers difficult to read.

It started when there was a lottery for the equivalent of over 80 million USD, and one of the winning tickets was still unclaimed. Susanne said she found the winning lottery ticket, but then accidentally put it through her washing machine in her laundry. That’s one expensive load of laundry.

Camelot is the company that manages the lottery in the UK, and they soon sent investigators to look at the ticket that had gone through the wash to try to determine if they could make out what the numbers on it were. Photos of the lottery ticket that allegedly went through the wash showed what appeared to be the winning numbers.

The truth about the lottery ticket

After close inspection, Camelot’s investigators were able to determine that the lottery ticket wasn’t, in fact, a winning ticket. It was a phony. It had gone through the washing machine in a pair of jeans which made it harder to verify its authenticity, and the backlash to this public story was really powerful and damaging for her. She had said that she was living the lifestyle of a celebrity but without all of the money that comes with it, so basically just getting harassed by photographers all day.

She sold the washing machine that she had said ruined her winning lottery ticket. (image: dailymail)

Susanne earned the nickname Lotto Gran, and became a bit of a meme, and had a LOT of hate coming her way from people who thought that what she did was just the worst thing ever. Now, Susanne said it was an accident, that she thought she had the winning ticket and ended up being mistaken after all, however it seems like a lot of people think that she was just lying, and trying to claim winnings that weren’t rightfully hers. It’s hard to imagine that she would ever really think they’d hand over the money just because she had a washed-up lottery ticket with numbers that had been partially washed out. It seems like you could give her the benefit of the doubt over that. It was all sorted out, and eventually the person who actually did have the winning ticket was able to claim their prize.

After the dust had settled, Susanne had said that she regretted the entire experience, and the nasty comments she had been getting from everyone were making her feel suicidal.

“We can confirm that it was called to reports of a woman in cardiac arrest at a property in Borrowdale Drive, Worcester, at 5.35pm yesterday. An ambulance and a paramedic officer attended the scene. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent on arrival at the scene that nothing could be done to save the patient and she was confirmed deceased.”

Locals had spotted a moving van outside the house, as next of kin arrived to go through her things and to make final arrangements.

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“Police were called by the ambulance service to an address on Borrowdale Drive, Worcester at 5:40pm yesterday, August 14. A woman, aged 49, was declared dead at the scene. Her death is not being treated as suspicious and has been referred to the coroner. Her next of kin are aware,” revealed a spokesperson for the local police.

Becoming notorious for something like this can be absolutely devastating for someone, especially if they aren’t looking for fame at all and aren’t prepared for it, and especially when it’s for something that rubs people the wrong way and attracts all sorts of vitriol. There’s people like Cash Me Outside Girl who go looking for the attention and negativity and leverage it to make lots of money, but in this case it’s all of the negativity without any of the upside, so you’ve got to feel for her, whether or not the whole lottery thing was an honest mistake or an attempt at trying to be sneaky, she still definitely paid the price and then some.

We are sending our best to her family in this difficult time.