The Way Each Zodiac Sign Breaks Your Heart

Our love life is a cocktail of both exciting and horrible events. Amongst which heart rending is one of the darkest events that one can face, and some people are the guru of it. Each person has its own reasons for breaking others heart. The reason can be either their own personality or emotional detachment with their partner.

Aries face a major problem i.e. staying committed for a long time. They have a short attention span that’s why they quickly ditch others. They let people in with enthusiasm but with the passage of time, their interests vanish, and they start looking for something new and more interesting. It is as if they intentionally make one fall for them, but in a time of need, they are not there to catch them.

You are a restricted book that nobody can read but once in while you let someone special read few pages, as soon as they start getting in depth you start feeling insecure, and this makes you heart breaker.

Their unpredictable behaviors make their emotions act like a roller coaster, which turns out to be a heart breaker for their companion. Their mood swings turn upside down just in a few seconds. At one moment, they want salt but in the other moment, they are asking for sugar. They have no idea where their relationship is going.

Cancerians care a lot about what others have to say. If they have heard any negative comment about their partner, they may end up ruining their relationship.

“Me before you” is what they believe in. One thing that they cannot afford is the sharing of the public eye with their partner. They always prioritize themselves and during this process, they forget the needs of their partner, which lead to break their heart.

Lack of decision-making ability is the primary reason why they break the heart. Due to their weak decision-making power, they over think what they should and should not do in a relationship. This may disappoint their partner.

Their personality is foremost attractive amongst all zodiac signs, which is why everyone adores them. They have a variety of choices when it’s about their relationship. They take all opportunities and love to play with emotions of others.

Scorpions are the most sincere of all. They do not believe in spicing up matters rather, they would like to present the issue genuinely. They act bluntly while breaking heart and they have no regrets.

They are pragmatist that is the reason why they give so much importance to their job due to which they start ignoring their partner, which makes them realize that they are second on your priority list.

They will always stick to the plan no matter what, but if something appears that is out of their league it will make them upset and they shall feel heartbroken. If their partner is unable to keep up with them, they may leave them without having any second thoughts.

They are smart amongst all zodiac signs. They are in search of someone with high level of intelligence, as they cannot tolerate small talks. Their smartness is what they use to break their partner’s heart and make them feel that they cannot fulfill their expectations.

They have a unique level of creativity and intelligence. They love people around them mostly those who admire their art. If their partner is someone who lacks the aesthetic sense to appreciate them and their work, they give no second thought before breaking their partner’s heart.